It’s been a few weeks since Finding Alaris released worldwide and I’ve been eagerly anticipating the response.

In the meantime, I’ve had a few hiccups occur that has postponed my writing on RENEWAL. I’m hoping that this does not set us back for its intended release of June, but it just might.

I’ve had some medical things come up that I’ve had to take care of, and am still taking care of. First and foremost, I must care for myself, my family, and then I can focus on diving into the world of Nova, Davis, Evie, and Jared.

As it currently stands, RENEWAL is about halfway done. It’s intricate, it’s heavy, it’s wonderful, but there is so much more to go. I hope you understand that I truly want to do their story justice.

Thanks to all who have been constant supporters and encouragers of my work! Your kind words forever keep me going, and I cannot express how truly grateful I am to you.

So while you wait in anticipation for a little more Nova and Davis, here is just a quick peek into their world.


**** Sneak Peek****


The tiny pharmacy and general store was no bigger than my mother’s living room. There were shelves lining the outer wall, and one long shelving unit in the center. I walked around the edge to the back where the counter spread across, creating a barrier for the pharmacist and the medications. The gray haired man, stout in his build, looked up at my entrance. His white beard moved with his smiling face.

“Davis! So good to see you, young man!” His voice boomed as I came closer.

“You too, Jack.”

“What do you need, son?”

I slipped the paper across the counter. He picked it up, reading it carefully, then his eyes darkened slightly in question.

“Is this for that girl you’ve been totin’ around lately?”

Now I recognized that look. “No sir.” I chuckled a bit. “It’s for a friend of ours.”

“It better be. ‘Cause I haven’t been invited to no weddin’.”

“No sir, you haven’t. But you will, I promise.”

That caused Jack to grin contagiously before he typed a few things into his computer. “This will be done in just a few minutes. I’ll holler when it’s ready.”

I moved to the side wall and picked up a small basket, roaming the shelves around me. I grabbed a few bags of gummy bears for Nova, and a bag of sunflower seeds for me. I tried to find something for Evie, but I wasn’t sure what she could eat and not feel sick. I found a bag of yogurt covered pretzels and thought that seemed pretty good. She could have the seeds if she wanted them.

Five minutes passed by and my basket weighed down on my arm. After the candy, I tossed a few magazines and books inside, hoping I had enough for the girls on the long trip. Jack was back at the counter now and waved me over.

He eyed my basket and started unloading my supplies. “You headed somewhere?”

“We’re taking a trip. We’ll be back in a few weeks.”

Jack nodded and loaded all the items into a paper bag, then handed me a small white pharmacy bag with the pills. You tell your friend that she can take up to three of these a day. There are refills, so if she needs another one while you’re away, just give me a call and I can transfer it to wherever you are.

“Thanks, Jack.”

“You take care of them girls, and yourself.”

I waved goodbye and headed out of the store and back to the truck. Tossing the paper bag in the middle of the front bench seat, I offered the small white prescription bag to Evie who was leaning up against the side window in the backseat. She took it and immediately shook out a few pills. I handed her a bottle of water that I had purchased in the store and she gave me a soft smile of thanks.

“What did you get?” Nova pulled my attention to her as she started ruffling through my purchased. I slipped into the drivers seat and buckled in. When she giggled beside me, I knew she found her treat.

“Aww, cowboy. You remembered?”

Of course I remembered. I remember everything she tells me. Gummy bears had been her favorite since she was a little girl, and apparently her father would buy them for her on every trip they took together. I thought it was about time that I took over that tradition.

“Of course I did.” A content smile grew on my lips and I reached for hand before pulling into the road.


© 2015 Christina Simpson

**** This is just an excerpt of the upcoming novel: Renewal (The Restoration Series Book 2). Please continue to stay connected for further information about release updates and other sneak previews from your favorite characters.****

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