I just wanted tEditing an English language documento take a minute to express how truly grateful I am to have Nat Davis- editor extraordinaire as a partner, peer, and friend.

In every writer’s journey, coming to the point where you hand your beloved work to another person to critically analyze every word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter. It can be overwhelming and terrifying. And it was…at first.

But through the years that we’ve worked together, our relationship has grown to one of trust, understanding, complete acceptance, and honest friendship. There are very few people who get the writing and technical side of everything I do, and she’s one of them. Even when I don’t know what I meant to write in something she’s reading, more often than not, she knows without even asking me. That comes with experience, investment into my technique and writing style, and complete honesty.

And at some point, its good to have someone to sit back and laugh at the funny mistakes you find when you’re digging through the trenches, so to speak.

Without her, I’d still be writing five-word sentences that all started with “I <insert some action>.” All my characters would be tiny, some not even eating for days and days. Without her, I’d still be using the dreadful double space at the end of every sentence as my good computer teacher back in high school insisted on drilling into my head. Without her, I wouldn’t know how to create imagery, or a scene where the world is alive around my characters.

But that’s just the editing part. We’ve shared ideas, we’ve shared personal struggles, we’ve become each other’s peers, partners, and solid sounding boards for life. We’ve become friends.

So now, I not only have someone who reaching into the very essence of my work and pulls out the greatest part of me, but I have someone who shares in my triumphs and victories, as well as my pain and sorrow.

I know this can’t be how every relationship with an editor may go, but Nat is a one of a kind lady. And if you can find someone who can make you better in your writing journey, but also make you better in your life journey, then cling to them! It’s a treasure that not many have, and so worth the effort.

That is all.


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