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I am a self-published independent author.  Writing is my passion.  There is nothing like falling in love with a character and seeing them grow, change, mold, and move into what you want them to be!  You can currently find my work on Amazon in e-book and paperback form.

I have been writing since a very young age.  The desire to create a story that is beautiful, heart wrenching, and encouraging has been my goal for years.  It’s taken me a few dozen tries to produce something that met my standards for you readers!  I hope you enjoy everything you find, and I’m always open to ideas for new and exciting stories!  I love hearing from you!

I currently reside in Pennsylvania with my wonderful husband and two beautiful sons!  They are my world.  As I grow in my marriage and parenthood, I hope to use my real life experiences to effect every story I write. Thanks for coming to my page!


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